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Who is Hi-Tech Duravent?

Hi-Tech Duravent is the Industrial brand of Flexible Technologies, Inc. Flexible Technologies is an innovative service and manufacturing organization with experienced employees eager to continue a tradition of excellence specializing in custom engineering, quality manufacturing, and outstanding customer service. Flexible Technologies is a member of the Flexible Solutions Group of the Flex-Tek Group which is based in Greenwood, South Carolina. The Flex-Tek Flexible Solutions Group's global headquarters is located in Abbeville, SC. Flex-Tek is a division of Smiths Group, PLC, which is headquartered in London, England.

Flexible Technologies is a diverse organization providing products and solutions to the industrial, medical, automotive, vacuum cleaner and home appliance, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. Our customer base ranges from large OEM companies to small aftermarket distributors. The ability to adapt to meet each industry's unique needs has been our hallmark.

We offer a wide array of products including: spiral wound hoses, self-retracting hoses, electrical hoses, and medical hoses and hose accessories. Flexible Technologies is ISO9001:2000 certified organization. We test our products to ASTM, UL, or customer specific standards in our onsite laboratory. We provide design and engineering services to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Corporate Approach

Flexible Technologies is committed to providing a working environment for all personnel that will minimize risk to the health of all employees and the general public. By working closely with customers and suppliers we have incorporated international standards programs such as ISO 14001 in our larger manufacturing facilities. We actively participate with customers on selecting material components that are less of an impact on the environment and we work closely with regulatory agencies within the communities to meet or exceed requirements.

Key measures such as accident rates, emissions, waste, electricity, and water usage are implemented into our corporate management system as part of socially responsible business practices, continual improvement, and as part of lessening the impact within the communities which we operate.

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