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Blower Hose Connectors

Thumbnail of Blower Hose Connectors hose accessory
  • Multiple styles of end finishes available for all blower hose styles
  • The belt is sewn around the cuff to insure quick and secure connection to most portable blowers
  • Two-plies of polyester fabric sewn on to the ends


Thumbnail of Clamps hose accessory
  • Stainless steel bridge clamp provides a strong seal
  • The bridge clamp clamps around the hose between the raised helix to insure a tight leak guard at the connection
  • Stainless steel screw clamps for cuffed hoses
  • Quick release clamps and T-bolt clamps also available

Cuffed End Finishes

Thumbnail of Cuffed End Finishes hose accessory
  • Available on many styles
  • Easy clamping without wire helix interference
  • Provides tight sealProvides
  • Elasticity in cuffs allows for easy installation
  • 2" I.D. to 6" I.D. standard cuff length is 1.5"
  • 7" I.D. to 12" I.D. standard cuff length is 2"
  • Available in various cuff lengths up to 5"

Duct Connectors

Thumbnail of Duct Connectors hose accessory
  • Produced in 20 gauge steel
  • A quick and easy way to extend any length of duct in the field with the use of bridge clamps, provides good sealing characteristics
  • Available in sizes: 4" - 24"

Garage Exhaust Accessories

Thumbnail of Garage Exhaust Accessories hose accessory
  • Aluminum "Y" Adapter
  • Diesel Elbow Adapter
  • Diesel Stack Adapter
  • Dual Tail Pipe Adapter
  • Universal Adapter
  • Door Port

Optional Couplers

Thumbnail of Optional Couplers hose accessory
  • Quick release hose connections
  • Multiple styles provide convenience

Swivel Cuffs

Thumbnail of Swivel Cuffs hose accessory
  • 2.5" diameter
  • Swivel at 360°
  • Fit most standard accessories

VH2000 Cuffs

Thumbnail of VH2000 Cuffs hose accessory
  • Size range: 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”
  • Straight screw-on cuff
  • Swivel cuff
  • Connector cuff